Meet Skydiver McGuire

Your childhood dreams are totally under attack. The Suits, a sneaky team of boring people with ok-salaries and benefits want you to think you can’t be whatever you want to be when you grow up. They’re trying to use their powers of sadness and apathy to make everything less awesome. They want you to swap skateboarding for board meetings. They want to turn your pancakes into bran flakes.

Rest assured. There’s hope. His name is Skydiver McGuire.

McGuire is a super secret T.I.A. agent stationed in Martyland in search of the lost imaginations of kids and adults all over the world. But, as we all know, he can’t do it alone. He needs you to remember what it’s like to have fun and love what you do (yes, even when you’re a grown up).

The first step is snagging one of these super awesome 10″ vinyl collector items based on everyone’s favorite skydiving secret agent.

Black Licorice

Theme Park Recon




Skydiver McGuire is Here!

These 10% vinyl collectors items have been a dream of his since he developed the McGuire Alter Ego years ago. "I made this 4 years ago and I'm super excited abut this. I've been collecting vinyl toy art for a long time. To create my own is a dream come true." - Martellus Bennett