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Hey A.J., It's Saturday is Available in Stores Nowand People are All About It

"Interactive, fun and beautifully made. Great for kids to enjoy and play."
- Gamebro2000, app store reviewer
"I have 3 kids and they all enjoyed the story and interacting with the characters. Great for all ages!"
- Peles3mermaids, app store reviewer

We Make Story Time Interactive

"Love it. The best idea to fit a educational and fun activity in the same app."
- A Peres, Google Playstore Reviewer
"Hey AJ!! This is an awesome interactive storybook adventure.."
- K. Szczech, Google Playstore Reviewer

Burst Through the Screen with the Touch of your Finger Tips

"My son is six, and he absolutely loves this book. He chose to have it read by Martellus; but he said he wants to read it to his dad."
- Kim Rundstrom, app store reviewer
"This app / story is perfect! Engaging, fun, and the message is so important."
- YcrPro1512, app store reviewer

Let's Make a Mess... with our Imaginations!

"This is awesome. Both my babies love it."
- M. Pizarro, Google Playstore Reviewer
"My 3 year old daughter and her 8 month old brother love this app."
- L. Hearn, Google Playstore Reviewer

Collect Trophies as you Explore the Book

"The app works flawlessly, considering all the animation and the sounds. That's pretty impressive."
- Spclint32, app store reviewer
"Very user friendly. Love the characters and the voices. I have suggested this app to all my friends and family who have little ones."
- Rossbrittney, app store reviewer

The Most Fun You'll Have Reading

"My daughter (4-5) loves playing this game."
- S. Hayden, Google Playstore Reviewer
"From the magical mind to the mystical unicorn to the homes of our children in diapers of uniform an interactive app to stimulate the mind which has totally captivated the sweet child of mine."
- W. Baron, Google Playstore Reviewer

And We're just Getting Started

"... My kids learn motor skills and how to follow directions while growing their imagination. Love, love, love it!"
- Cadgirl, app store reviewer
"Everything about this app is so wonderful for not only kids but adults as well!"
- Alifieandfam, app store reviewer