Meet A.J.

This is me, A.J.! I’m a magic loving, bacon eating, monster chasing, rainbow collecting, pirate capturing, party animal taming, imaginative, brave and adventurous girl.

Hey A.J.,It's Saturday

A.J. is an imaginative girl who finds another world that is strangely right downstairs in her kitchen. So strange there's already a feast, breakfast being served by creatures and beasts. Oh! What is going on in this kitchen of hers? Pancakes! Waffles! Scrambled eggs! And a Jamaican Giraffe?

Breakfast will never be the same. Ever!

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But After Mom and Dad Turn Out the Light...Everything Comes to Life

Hey A.J.,It's Bedtime

It's A.J.'s Bedtime but when there's a party in your room it's hard to get some rest. And everyone knows A.J. and her friends party best!

Party monsters, jazztronauts, dinosaurs, the pizza man, and the zombies all want to dance. To sleep or entertain friends? An epic party never ends!

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